News | September 29, 2017

Radiant Communications Corporation Offers Equipment For PEG Operators

Business owners and PEG operators taking advantage of fiber optic network technology to improve their communications systems are relying on Radiant Communications Corporation for their custom designed PEG encoders that allow for quick and cost-effective network transmissions. Radiant Communications Corporation has been in business for over 30 years, and prides themselves on providing the community with the latest in fiber optic technology so that everyone has access to high-quality, affordable telecommunications equipment.

A fiber optic communications system allows businesses, schools, and other users of closed-system video and audio transmission to streamline their processes by using a single fiber to transmit to multiple users within a network. These types of systems are perfect for those who want to employ a cost-effective one-way system while maintaining the clarity of their audio and video transmissions. Video encoders from Radiant Communications Corporation contain all the information that users need to set up their fiber network, and users can buy a patch panel that meets their specific needs online. Patch panels from Radiant Communications Corporation are specifically designed to contain their encoders, and provide a durable and practical solution for companies looking to keep their fiber network simple and contained.

Radiant Communications Corporation has been providing the community with high-quality fiber optic network and audio and visual solutions since 1985, and they pride themselves on keeping up-to-date on the technology that keeps closed circuit systems running.

SOURCE: Radiant Communications Corporation