News | January 30, 2018

Typenex® Medical Launches New Line Of Holmium Laser Fibers

Chicago, IL (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Typenex Medical, an industry leader in medical devices and supplies, today, announced it has launched FibernexTM, a line of single-use and reusable holmium laser fibers compatible with holmium and Nd:YAG laser systems with standard SMA-905 fiber connections. Fibernex holmium laser fibers can be used for a variety of surgical uses including open, laparoscopic or endoscopic ablation, coagulation, incision, excision and vaporization.

“We are excited to join the market leaders in this product space with our small business approach,” said John Fife, owner and chief executive officer (CEO), Typenex Medical. “We believe, by expanding into the urology market, we can offer our customers a wider variety of product solutions that improve costs and patient care.”

Fibernex offers healthcare providers a quality, cost-effective alternative to leading holmium laser fibers in the market today. Fibernex laser fibers are designed and manufactured with premium raw materials to ensure optimal fiber optic performance when in use. The fibers feature many characteristics to protect the scope during use. The 4-layer design matches the best-in-class products and features a Tefzel ® outer jacket to limit light emission and protect the scope. The rounded-tip design of the disposable fibers feature a polished edge to facilitate smooth introduction and minimize damage of the scope upon insertion.

Typenex Medical, a leading blood bank and laboratory supplier, branched out in the surgical supplies segment of the market in June of 2015. Since then, Typenex has launched 11 product lines for the surgical suite and gained considerable amount of market share in those categories.

About Typenex Medical:
Typenex Medical is a medical device and supply company founded by entrepreneur and investor, John Fife. The Typenex Medical advantage is connecting with customers to understand their process needs, then delivering simple, high-quality products that streamline workflows. Thinking about patient safety and comfort is a strength, along with efficiency and cost-effectiveness – all while providing a quality product. For more information please visit

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SOURCE: Typenex Medical