News | October 17, 2018

US Conec Introduces EZ Shuffle™ Solution For High Density Fiber Management

Hickory, NC /PRNewswire/ - US Conec, a global leader in the design and development of high-density optical interconnects, expands its product offering and capabilities with the release of the EZ Shuffle™ Fiber Management Solution. This new product is engineered to aid fiber management in high density applications by offering a unique, compact, and cost effective way to manufacture and store high density fiber shuffles.

Precision manufactured slots are molded in the base of the EZ Shuffle casing to enable consistent and efficient fiber management in any shuffle configuration during the manufacturing process. With organization of up to 16 fibers per ribbon and 16 ribbons per shuffle arrangement, this compact solution facilitates fiber routing meshes of up to 256 fibers and supports various configurations of ribbon fiber and round cables in a 41 x 84 x 9.5 mm enclosure that is stackable and can be housed on or under the host PCB or in a chassis backplane.

"US Conec's EZ Shuffle design enables cable assembly manufacturers to quickly build complex, cost effective shuffle packages for high density applications with no upfront engineering or investment," says Shelly Buchter, US Conec Product Manager.

Additionally, the EZ Shuffle solution is made from a non-outgassing, UL 94V-0 material that meets the requirements of GR-2866 and eliminates tight termination tolerances and capital equipment cost drivers associated with alternate planar optical fiber circuits. To learn more, please contact a US Conec representative at +1 (828) 323-8883 or visit our website at

About US Conec
US Conec is a global leader in the design and development of high-density optical interconnects. With over 25 years of innovative experience, the company provides industry leading components for data center and enterprise structured cabling, public networks, circuit board interconnect, and industrial and military markets worldwide. Key product developments include single-mode and multimode MT-style and contract multi-fiber ferrules, MTP® brand MPO connectors, MXC® connectors, PRIZM® LightTurn® and PRIZM® MT lensed ferrule technology, IBC™ brand fiber optic cleaning solutions, termination equipment for multi-fiber interconnections, and high precision optical packaging components. US Conec is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, and is an equity venture of three leading communications technology companies—Corning Optical Communications, Fujikura, and NTT-AT.

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