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  1. Fiber Mountain Introduces LS-2520 QSFP Breakout For Cisco NCS 1002

    Fiber Mountain, Inc., the Glass Core Company and provider of transformative and managed fiber connectivity for webscale, enterprise and colocation data centers, today announced it has developed an extension to the Glass Core range of Fiber Port Aggregators specifically for operation with the Cisco NCS 1002 optical transport platform

  2. German Researchers Guide Light Along Coreless Photonic Crystal Fibers

    Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL) in Erlangen, Germany are the first to successfully guide light through a coreless photonic crystal fiber (PCF).

  3. ‘Lossless’ Metamaterial Could Boost Efficiency Of Lasers And Other Light-Based Devices

    Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a material that could reduce signal losses in photonic devices. The advance has the potential to boost the efficiency of various light-based technologies including fiber optic communication systems, lasers and photovoltaics.

  4. Secure Network Through Strucured And Point To Point Cabling

    Network cabling has been instrumental to the smooth workflow in various companies and public corporations. Such companies have witnessed remarkable growth in their competency while bootstrapping their means to carry out their daily activities

  5. Light Source Communications Expands Dark Fiber Offering In Georgia

    Light Source Communications, a dark fiber provider of communications infrastructure in the U.S., announced today a new intercity dark fiber route in Georgia. Scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2017, the 200-mile route will connect Atlanta and Augusta and pass through Athens

  6. Megaport Enters Into Global Platform & Exclusive South American Strategic Alliance With Seaborn Networks

    Megaport (USA), Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Megaport Limited (ASX: MP1) ("Megaport"), the leading global provider of Elastic Interconnection services, today announced its intention to enter into a Global Platform & Licensing Agreement with Seaborn Networks ("Seaborn"), the developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable system Seabras-1

  7. FireflySci Enters Fiber Optic Probe Market With Several New Offerings

    FireflySci, in response to several customers’ inquiries, has teamed up with several companies to offer its customers three new solutions for measurements where traditional cuvette applications are not convenient

  8. XKL Announces The Launch Of Its DQT10 Transponder Solution Designed For Optimal Performance And Exceptional Customer Control

    XKL LLC, a leading provider of fiber optic networking systems, announces the launch of its DQT10 transponder. An extension of the DQM10 family of DWDM appliances, the DQT10 muxes waves outside of XKL's typical integrated 1RU form factor, thereby allowing network growth to 96 channels and augmentation of existing networks via alien wave injection

  9. Bristol Instruments Hires Marketing Communications Manager

    Bristol Instruments, Inc. has recently hired Ms. Kristina Schanz to join its Sales and Marketing team. She will serve in the new position of Marketing Communications Manager.

  10. Tapping Into Long-Lived Sound Waves In Glass

    Yale scientists have shown how to enhance the lifetime of sound waves traveling through glass — the material at the heart of fiber optic technologies. The discovery will be described in the January edition of the journal Nature Materials.