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  1. FISO Technologies Launches The FOP-M200, The Smallest Commercially Available Pressure Transducer

    FISO Technologies proudly presents the innovative FOP-M200, its new small sensor, with a diameter of 200 microns and a lead-in fiber of 100 microns

  2. New All-Fiber Device Simplifies Free-Space Based Quantum Key Distribution

    Researchers have developed a simple and stable device to generate the quantum states necessary for quantum key distribution. The device could make it more practical to develop a global data network that uses this very secure method of encryption to protect everything from credit card transactions to texts.

  3. Hargray Expands Fiber Network To Covington, GA

    Hargray, a regional communications provider, today announced that it is expanding its fiber footprint to offer advanced communications services to businesses in Covington, Georgia

  4. Fibre Optic Networks Are key To upcoming 5G Deployment

    Fibre optic networks are key to the upcoming 5G technology: this is the main message highlighted during recentl’s second NExsT Telecoms Forum entitled “Creating the Foundation of 5G and IoT”, hosted in New York City by Prysmian Group, world leader in the telecom and energy cable systems industry

  5. Virgin Media Business Extends UK Customers’ Access Networks With New Flexi Filter Service Powered By Infinera’s XTM Series

    Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN) and Virgin Media Business (VMB) announced today VMB’s deployment of the Infinera XTM Series to offer UK wholesale customers the simplicity and flexibility of VMB’s Flexi Filter service

  6. GigabitNow To Bring Gigabit Fiber Internet To Fullerton California

    GigabitNow, a division of IsoFusion, a leading provider of Internet access and IT services on the west coast of the United States, announced today its involvement in bringing Gigabit Internet speeds to the residents and businesses of the city of Fullerton, California

  7. Photons Trained For Optical Fibre Obstacle Course Will Deliver Stronger Cyber Security

    Beneath many cities are complex networks of optical fibres that carry data, encoded in pulses of light, to offices and homes. Researchers from the Centre for Quantum Technologies have contributed to demonstrating a technique that will help pairs of entangled light particles smoothly navigate these networks, a breakthrough that will enable stronger cyber security.

  8. Spin Laser For Ultra-Fast Data Transfer

    A new concept for ultrafast data transfer over fiber optic cables has been developed by engineers at the Ruhr University Bochum. In conventional systems, a laser sends light signals through the cables and the information is encoded in the modulation of light intensity.

  9. Ultra-Fast Traffic Light With Laser Light

    AMS Technologies has developed a new laser technology based on the Raman effect that allows a single laser source to emit light pulses in three different colours

  10. Remee Wire & Cable Introduces New REMnant™ Inventory Program

    Remee has set up a new web page for the purpose of communicating the various REMnant fiber optic and/or copper cables that are available in this new program, as well as their lengths. See the new REMnant Excess Inventory web page