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  1. Photons Trained For Optical Fibre Obstacle Course Will Deliver Stronger Cyber Security

    Beneath many cities are complex networks of optical fibres that carry data, encoded in pulses of light, to offices and homes. Researchers from the Centre for Quantum Technologies have contributed to demonstrating a technique that will help pairs of entangled light particles smoothly navigate these networks, a breakthrough that will enable stronger cyber security.

  2. Spin Laser For Ultra-Fast Data Transfer

    A new concept for ultrafast data transfer over fiber optic cables has been developed by engineers at the Ruhr University Bochum. In conventional systems, a laser sends light signals through the cables and the information is encoded in the modulation of light intensity.

  3. Ultra-Fast Traffic Light With Laser Light

    AMS Technologies has developed a new laser technology based on the Raman effect that allows a single laser source to emit light pulses in three different colours

  4. Remee Wire & Cable Introduces New REMnant™ Inventory Program

    Remee has set up a new web page for the purpose of communicating the various REMnant fiber optic and/or copper cables that are available in this new program, as well as their lengths. See the new REMnant Excess Inventory web page

  5. PRIME ODF Optical Distribution Frame Unites Up To 5,376 Fibers

    R&M, an active developer and supplier of high-quality network infrastructures, today announced the U.S. launch of PRIME ODF, a highly dense cabling platform for optical distribution frames (ODFs)

  6. Preformed Line Products Announces The Acquisition Of MICOS TELCOM s.r.o.

    Preformed Line Products (NASDAQ: PLPC), a global leader in critical infrastructure products and services, today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire MICOS TELCOM s.r.o., a leading manufacturer of passive components for high-speed telecommunications networks

  7. NAI Introduces New Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies For Hyperscale Computing

    NAI, a leading manufacturer of custom end-to-end connectivity solutions for high performance systems in industrial, telecom, data and medical industries, has introduced a series of new fiber optic cable assemblies designed specifically for hyperscale computing in data centers

  8. Unite Private Networks Announces Expansion Into Denton, Texas

    Unite Private Networks (UPN), a leading provider of high-capacity, fiber-based communication networks is pleased to announce a network expansion in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro

  9. New Black Box Active Optical Cables Simplify Extension Of UHD Video And Audio

    Black Box Corporation, an industry-leading provider of pro AV connectivity and signal distribution systems, today introduced its Active Optical Cable product range, which enables flawless transmission of ultra-high-bandwidth video and audio

  10. On-Chip, Electronically Tunable Frequency Comb

    A new integrated electro-optic frequency comb can be tuned using microwave signals, allowing the properties of the comb — including the bandwidth, the spacing between the teeth, the height of lines and which frequencies are on and off — to be controlled independently. It could be used for many applications including optical telecommunication.