Product Showcase

  1. Fiber Optic Measurement: Photodiode Amplifier PDA-750

    The PDA-750 is a low noise, high gain, transimpedance amplifier and current meter that is designed to provide a direct digital readout of the current generated from a photodiode, photomultiplier, or similar current source.

  2. Vapor Trap
    FTS Vapor traps are mechanically refrigerated cold traps that protect expensive vacuum pumps from harmful vapors which can shorten their life. The harmful vapors constitute any condensable gases such as water vapor, which, when allowed into the vacuum pump oil, cause it to break down. This results in decreased lubrication and can eventually cause failure of the pump.
  3. Mechanically Refrigerated Bath
    Mechanically Refrigerated Bath by SP Industries, Inc.
  4. Genevac HT-4X Evaporator

    Genevac's original HT-4 and the new HT-4X centrifugal vacuum evaporator has been specifically designed for drug discovery laboratories, from medicinal chemistry, to purification and metabolism studies.

  5. Fiber Optic Laser Tachometer LT-880
    The LT-880 Fiber Optic Laser Tachometer is a non-contact instrument designed to measure rates of rotation by sensing the presence of absence of a reflective surface in its optical beam.
  6. Precision Analog/Digital Fiber Optic Links LTX-55XX
    The LTX-55XX Series of Signal Transports convert your analog and digital electronic signals over fiber for up to 10 kilometers. The LTX5510 and LTX5515 units carry 1 analog and up to 4 digital channels over a single fi ber and the LTX5520 and LTX5525 units carry up to 16 digital channels over a single fiber.
  7. Fiber Optic Test & Measurement Products
    Terahertz offers many fiber optic test & measurement products.
  8. Visual Fault Locators VFL-280
    The VLF-280 is a hand-held battery powered stabilized fiber optic laser source that emits visible (red) light at 650 nm. Its intended function is to allow an operator to identify the exact location of a break, microbend, or other discontinuity in a fiber optic cable.
  9. Power Meter And Light Source 1500 Series
    The 1500 Series Power Meters and Light Sources are indispensable tools for fiber installation and maintenance. The Power Meter measures optical power and when paired with the LS-1500 Series Light Sources it will perform automatic loss measurements with wavelength recognition for up to three laser wavelengths.
  10. Automated Hand-Held Fiber Optic Loss Test Set LTS-1500
    The LTS-1500 greatly simplifies and expedites measurements of fiber optic links. As a power meter, it incorporates a highly sensitive and stable InGaAs detector with six calibrated wavelengths that affords the user a measurement range of +5 to -75 dBm.